Your Destination Wedding Photographer from Germany,Europe

Hi, I'm Slawa. Professional Wedding/Journalistic/Portrait photographer. I grew up in the beautiful city of Cologne, Germany. I shoot weddings around the world and speak German, English, Russian and a little bit of French/Spanish.


Bachelor of Arts(B.A.) in Photography at the University of Dortmund, Germany.
I absolutely love to travel and to photograph stories abroad. Sometimes I do personal projects such as Parkrangers
in Iceland, Roofers(young people climbing skyscrapers) in Ukraine, Refugees in Georgia(not the one in the USA but at the border to Russia)
I find it interesting how some customs are polite in one culture but rude in a different one.Would love to travel to South Africa soon.

I'm an easy going person who still remains professional. My philosophy is to become friends with you and just have a fun destination wedding/elopement...and of course get some nice pictures ;)