Your Questions

your questions

What services are you offering?

When you're booking a professional photographer, the first point would be reliability. Especially when you're travelling somewhere far away, you don't want to be left alone...

I offer Destination and Elopement Photography all around the world.

If you choose me, all pictures you get will be retouched, in maximum resolution and you will get them via Downloadlink and can also watch them in a password secured online photo gallery. If you like I also do Videos and use a Drone.


Is there a limit on the amount of pictures you deliver?

You will get all the good pictures there are. The selection will be done by me.


Do you have travel experience?

I travelled a lot in Europe and have also visited countries like Morocco,Israel,Georgia,USA,Mexico,Iceland, Canada, Turkey and Russia.


How do we get the pictures?

Via Downloadlink and also as a password secured online photo gallery.


What happens if your camera breaks?

Then I will use my backup camera.


What happens if you get sick?

Never happened before(also I'm only 29...). But if I'm really not even able to get out of bed, I have a list of destination photographers who all would love to take over the assignment.


When will we get the pictures?

Selecting and Retouching will take about three to four weeks.


Do you need a prepayment?

Yes, to book a date you will have to prepay 50% of the total amount.


How long have you been photographing?

I started 2011 and studied photography(yes, actually photography) five years at the University of Dortmund from 2012.


Are you archiving the pictures in case we lose them?

I try to archive them for about 5 years, but don't give any guarantees.